“Mary and her staff are the best! I don’t make many recommendations on FB but I stand behind this one. Shiba is now able to tolerate the thunderstorms without being heavily sedated. And Mary is the only Vet we found in the area that is qualified and willing to take care of the special needs of our ferrets.”
-Dave B., Facebook

“Great prices and friendly staff! My dogs love it there and are comfortable. they take their time and respect your concerns with your animals. Their new kennels are to die for 😍 an all-around great place wouldn’t choose anywhere else!”
-Josie M., Google

“We have taken our dogs (plus a visiting family member’s dog) to the Meiners Animal Clinic for many years.  Dr. Meiners, then Dr. Mary, and the whole staff have been wonderful with our pets.  They have solved some challenging problems regarding the health of our mutts, and even saved the life of my sister’s dog after she contracted salmon poisoning in the Pacific Northwest and became very ill on a road trip out here.  When the time came to put our two dogs down (two years apart), Dr. Mary, Laura, and Nicole made the trip to our house to ensure our dogs would be as comfortable in their environment as possible.  That kind of care means a lot to us.  We just adopted a new dog and can’t wait to introduce him to the staff at Meiners.  We know he will receive excellent care there!”
-Kerri S., Yelp

“Best vet in Rapid City. Take your animals here. Knowledgeable and super friendly staff.”
-Brett L., Google

“Great veterinarians and some of the best animal care I have ever had. They are all very caring and hopefully with reminding you about checkups and always giving wonderful care to all animal.one of the best of the best clinics in rapid city”
-Mike H., Google

“Meiners Animal Clinic is a great place to take pets (I have 2 dogs and 2 ferrets). Mary is one of the very few vets with extensive experience and knowledge of how to properly care for my ferrets. I am about to take a month-long RV trip trough Canada, the office took the time to call both the US and Canadian government agencies to find what exactly I need to have done and made sure I had the proper paperwork to have ready for me. I just had a full checkup on all 4 pets, cancer treatment for one of my ferrets, at 1/2 the price as my Vet in Vegas would had charged in the past. As well, their new office at 3500 W. Chicago street is very nice.”
-Tim H., Yelp

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“Awesome place. Dr. Mary and her staff are as professional as they can be, and we’ve always received top notch care for all of our animals. We can’t say enough good about these folks”
-Ken H., Facebook

“I like everything about this clinic. I prefer getting to know staff, including the Vet, rather than bigger outfits that seem to change staff often.”
-Marilyn O., Google

“We have taken our pets to Meiners for many years. When it was owned by Dr. Meiner and now, Dr. Mary. We’ve never had an unpleasant experience. They’ve treated us very well over the years.”
-Julie H., Facebook

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-Lipsum, Facebook

“Great care and great staff.”
-Tina B., Facebook

” was very happy with the care they gave my girl at the end of her life. Had a very positive experience with this place. Thank you 🙂”
-Luke L., Google